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Sell My Property Today Southend

Sell My Property Today Southend

If you are thinking  “I want to Sell My Property Today in Southend” We can help, but first…

I found an interesting article on the future of Southend in The Evening Echo.

For more than 100 years, Southend seafront has been one of the most iconic and best loved areas of Essex.

Essex residents have fond memories of summer fun on the beach, lost afternoons in the arcade and fish and chips on the sea walls.

Sell My Property Today Southend
Sell My Property Today Southend

But if one Spanish developer has its way, it could be completely transformed.

The Propana Group – a property design and management company based in Spain – have drawn up plans to completely demolish and redevelop much of the Eastern Esplanade in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

This part of town is flushed with independent businesses, including the seafront’s iconic amusement arcades, the Chinnery’s music venue and a slew of hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Replacing it would be a mammoth development containing space for shops, hospitality businesses and apartments.

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The lower three levels would be filled with units which would house the seafront’s iconic seaside businesses.

Above those layers would be green public realm areas, situated between eight residential tower blocks.

There would also be basement parking sections included in the plans.

I think the plans are ….

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