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Sell My Property Portfolio

You could be a landlord looking to retire, you may want to spend the autumn years of your life sailing in warmer climates, you may have found your dream forever home and need the cash, it could be that the kids aren’t interested in inheriting your portfolio and becoming landlords, you’re simply fed up of managing tenants or you feel you’re paying too much tax! Like most of us! Anyway….

We can help, even if your properties:

  • Are in negative equity
  • Run down and need re-modernising
  • Have a scary Capital Gains Tax bill
  • Have tenants
  • Have short leases
  • Are quirky and unconventional
  • Are in multiple locations
  • Are not cash-flowing well

You probably fed up with Section 24 tax and find the prospect of selling a tenanted property portfolio quite daunting and that could be quite a lot of hassle with viewings and surveys on each property eat into your valuable time and that’s where we can support you.

Working with Dwellbeing LLP an ACCA firm of property accountants or your own accountant, we can seek to dispose of your portfolio in the most tax-efficient way to maximise your cash.

We can even take control of your whole portfolio, giving you guaranteed rental income that diminishes as we sell one off one each year. We take care of everything. You get to enjoy your life and yet benefit from no tenants, no voids, guaranteed cashflow, and claim the annual CGT allowance to minimise your tax bill. Conversely, if you want to ‘cash in’ and sell the whole portfolio in one tax year, we can assist you in achieving the highest price with the minimum hassle too.

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