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Assisted House Sale

If you are struggling to sell your property and don’t need that cash now, you may want to consider our assisted sale service. We can offer you a guaranteed sale once we have done up your property. We are likely able to offer you up to 90% of the value of your property too.

How can we pay so much for your property?

We are a business. For us, we are looking for a return on the cash we are purchasing your property for. However, we won’t be using our own cash for the investment. We will allow you to keep your mortgage in place. This will allow us to give you a higher cash offer than similar companies may be able to offer you. Since we will be spending less cash, we can generate a higher return, and this means that we can pay you more for your property.

Will lenders know what your company is doing?

Yes. We will need to inform your lender that we will be paying for your mortgage. We will work with the lender, so you do not have to. We will tell the lender that we will be selling your property within a few months of marketing it.

How much of the property value will I receive?

It depends. On average, we will be able to offer up to 90% of the value of your property. A lot of this value will come from us increasing the value of your property through our refurbishment.

Is my property guaranteed to sell?

We have never failed to sell a property. In some cases, we have made a loss just so we can sell a property. Remember; when you use our services, it will become our responsibility to pay your mortgage and other bills. For us, it is better to sell your property sooner as opposed to later. You will always receive your agreed purchase price.

We will never ask you to back out of the deal. An agreement is an agreement.

Do all properties qualify?


Will there be any fees for this service?

We will pay all associated fees.

How do I determine whether my property qualifies for this service?

This will be dependent on several different factors. You will need to talk to us. However, generally speaking, our process will follow this structure:

  • You will provide our company with details of your property and yourself.
  • Within 24-hours, you will receive a quick cash offer for your property.
  • Our company will contact you to make an offer for assisted sale. If accepted, you will need to move out.
  • We will pay for an RICS survey.
  • We will set up and pay for all of your bills related to your property.
  • We will refurbish your property.
  • You will receive the final payment for your property upon completion.
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